Student Fellowship

Inclusive Growth, Racial Justice, 
and Economic Resilience

Project Area:

Economic Recovery


Cities will be selected through a competitive process based on their commitment and capacity to create an experience where a student fellow can meaningfully contribute to their efforts to advance equity. We are selecting these fellows closer to the summer to give cities more time to assess their evolving needs.

Reporting to:

Mayor’s Office

The Challenge

In light of stark and growing disparities in income, wealth, and opportunity across the nation, an increasing number of mayors have begun to pursue inclusive and equitable development in their cities as they acknowledge the failings of an economic system that leaves entire communities behind. Many city residents have been systematically excluded from opportunities for improved well-being and wealth-building. Recent events have further exposed the terrible consequences of persistent inequity. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit some groups more severely than others, exacerbating pre-existing structural inequities. US leaders realize that the old system of economic development, in many different policy areas, has never served communities of color, lower educated individuals, and lower income households effectively. To date, we have been hard-pressed to find a model that works in serving all people in the community. Although there are promising practices that have worked in certain cities, one of the main challenges is finding and understanding which programs and policies will have the greatest impact for the community as a whole.

What You’ll Do

Your role is to work directly with a city to implement the Initiative’s City Leader Guide on Equitable Development. You will meet with the city’s leadership to understand their priorities related to equity. You will then use the Guide’s framework to collect quantitative data on the city’s current economic status while also using the assessment in the Guide to collect qualitative data on the readiness of the city to tackle equity challenges. Using the data you collect, you will create recommendations to the city for policies and programs based on the unique landscape of their city. You will be able to present your recommendations to senior leadership in the Mayor’s Office.

What You’ll Bring

  • A desire to help a city create a more equitable and inclusive community
  • Data analysis skills
  • Policy analysis skills
  • Community engagement and facilitation experience
  • Ability to work independently and be flexible with priorities of a city
  • Change management experience
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