Hear from City Leaders

The Initiative's programming has had an impact with mayors and city leaders. See what they have learned and how they're making changes in their cities.


collaborating for better cities: reflections from year 2 mayors

Our second cohort participants Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards, Durham Mayor Steve Schewel, Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles, and Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin reflect on their yearlong experience, describe how the initiative offered them new perspectives and skills to strengthen their leadership.


follow the data podcast: the innovative mayor, naheed nenshi

On this edition of James Anderson’s ‘Follow the Data’ podcast, Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi talks about the importance of lifelong learning, the ways being a businessman and an academic have informed his time as mayor, and the collaborative work he’s leading on addiction and mental health with help from the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative.

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How mayors lead: Emerging insights from the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative

"You can only really achieve your goals if you unlock the contribution of both the community and city organization" -- this and other insights from the first class of 40 mayors, who were asked about their biggest takeaways from the program thus far.

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A q&A With kansas city mayor sly james

Bloomberg Harvard program participant Sly James talks about nearing the end of his mayoral tenure, what he has accomplished in his two terms, and why he's excited by the idea of a program on city leadership.


The Classroom Experience in Mayors' Own Words 

After the start of the inaugural program, several participating mayors share their thoughts on the in-person classes, saying they were able to learn "just from being around other mayors" and noting that this program is the first of its kind.