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Pablo Uribe

Pablo Uribe
Master’s in Public Administration, Class of 2022
Harvard Kennedy School
Syracuse, New York
Working On
Building a Collaborative and Integrated Community-Based Approach to Addressing Gun Violence

Pablo Uribe

Pablo is a lawyer with degrees from Universidad del Rosario (Colombia), a Master’s in Government from ICESI University (Colombia), and most recently the Kennedy School.

He started his career working as an attorney-at-law representing low-income communities and small businesses. In 2016 he entered public service, working as a public safety and justice consultant in the government of the city of Cali, the third most important city in Colombia and one of the most violent worldwide. A year later, he was promoted to Deputy Secretary for Security Policy. In that position, he designed and implemented crime policies that reduced homicides by 17% in three years, reaching their lowest levels in reliably recorded history.

Subsequently, he went to work as a citizen security consultant for the Bucaramanga city government. There he coordinated the design of the city's four-year crime strategy, recognized as Colombia's best municipal security plan by the Interior Ministry. At Harvard, he worked as a teaching assistant for the courses “Corruption: Finding It and Fixing It,” and “Why Are So Many Countries Poor, Volatile, and Unequal,” and the executive education program “Leading Economic Growth.”

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