Eva Flavia Martínez Orbegozo

Research Fellow


Eva Flavia is a Research Fellow for the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative, working closely with Jorrit de Jong and faculty from Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School on cross-boundary collaboration. In particular, Eva Flavia is designing an ambitious mixed-method research approach (including surveys, case studies, and interviews) that will examine how 29 teams from 20 different cities—including some international—work within their local group to achieve their goals. Outputs from the project will include journal articles, practitioner articles, teaching materials, and frameworks that help translate new knowledge into actionable content.

Eva Flavia has been an architect and an educator in her native city of Madrid, Spain. She holds BAs and MAs in both Architecture and English Philology, as well as an MEd in Education Policy and Management, and an MEd in Specialized Studies—both from Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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