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Improving Housing and Health

  • Authors Rowana Ahmed, Lisa Cox, Jorrit de Jong, Nicolas Diaz Amigo, Eleanor Dickens, Jenny Folsom, Elissa Ladd, Ashley Marcoux, Mike McAteer, Yamile Nesrala, Katharine Robb, Christopher Swope, John Wong
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Collaboration, Data and Evidence, Innovation



How can cities leverage data, collaboration, and innovation to improve the health and safety of homes and neighborhoods? Explore new research on novel practices at the intersection of community development, code enforcement, and social services, and discover underutilized levers for improving residents’ quality of life more effectively, efficiently, and equitably.

Action Insights

More than the Sum of the Parts: Integrating Housing Inspections and Social Services to Improve Community Health

Underlying study: “Further Inspection: Integrating Housing Code Enforcement and Social Services to Improve Community Health”

Journal: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Authors: Katharine Robb, Ashley Marcoux, and Jorrit de Jong


Saving Lives, Time, and Money: Using Data to Find Unsafe and Unhealthy Buildings Faster

Underlying study: “Using Integrated City Data and Machine Learning to Identify and Intervene Early on Housing-Related Public Health Problems”

Journal: Journal of Public Health Management & Practice

Authors: Katharine Robb, Nicolas Diaz Amigo, Ashley Marcoux, Mike McAteer, and Jorrit de Jong


Improving Health in Underserved Neighborhoods: Targeting Risk by Leveraging Multi-Sector Data

Underlying study: “Substandard Housing and the Risk of COVID-19 Infection and Disease Severity: A Retrospective Cohort Study”

Journal: SSM – Population Health

Authors: Katharine Robb, Rowana Ahmed, John Wong, Elissa Ladd, and Jorrit de Jong


Breaking Down City Hall’s Silos: Collaborative Innovation in Practice

Underlying study: “Tackling Persistent, Boundary-Spanning Problems Through Collaborative Innovation: Lessons From the Clean Sweep Initiative in Buffalo, NY”

Journal: Administration & Society

Authors: Katharine Robb, Ashley Marcoux, Eleanor Dickens, and Jorrit de Jong


Action Insights summarize findings from academic research for city leaders and other public officials. They offer management and leadership guidance you can put to use in your work, and they link to underlying studies.

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